The best movie of the summer isn’t Aladdin or Toy Story 4 or Spider-Man Far from Home or The Lion King

I would have wrote this tomorrow but since I have time to do this, I thought I would make another post tonight. This time I’m going to talk about the best movie of the summer. No not you Toy Story 4! Sit down! I am talking about the third season of the best show on Netflix right now. Stranger Things. Now to be honest like I said in my last post focusing on the show, it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with this Sci-Fi/Mystery series and it is arguably the best TV show as of now (Sorry, Simpsons!) and it’s on the most popular streaming service in America. The feel of the show is Gravity Falls with a hint of X-Files. Season 1 was amazing but season 2 was pretty much the weakest season ever so far (Unless the Inevitable fourth season is worse than Season 8 of Game of Thrones). Season 3 has been watched by 40 million household viewers in the first four days of release. 18 million household viewers watched the entire season in those same exact days. Having just finished the latest season, it is arguably the best one ever (Unless Season 4 is Avengers: Endgame Level good). The season takes place in the summer of 1985 and we see kids Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Eleven and Max all being not so little anymore. Tryin to not go into spoiler mode, The first two episodes have some zany kid-sized Adventures. The gang going to the mall and Mike telling Will to knock it off with his “childish” stuff. The next 6 episodes are all focused on one adventure. The return and revenge of the mind flayer which has invaded Max’s older brother Billy and now it is up to Mike and the rest of the gang to stop Billy/The Mind Flayer. While the chemistry between Jim Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder who doesn’t look a day over 40) is fun to watch, what’s even more fun to watch is Dustin being part of the so called “Scoop Troop” alongside Lucas’ little sister Erica who has evolved into a Han Solo like character from the previous season, Steve who is a fan favorite character (My favorites are Eleven and Dustin but I digress) and pretty much everybody’s new favorite character who we might give The Duffer Brothers a petition to bring back for season four because Maya Hawke broke the Internet, breakout newbie, Robin who I swear to god is like Deadpool, Jack Sparrow and Iron Man all mashed into one character but as a girl. Dear Kevin Feige, please do us a favor and put likely Internet girlfriend, Maya Hawke in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Internet boyfriend Keanu Reeves! But seriously though, if you watch the show (Like I did), Robin will be pretty much your spirit animal. But yeah, I’m obsessed with Maya Hawke’s breakout character and this is not a joke! Anyway, in a summer where Aladdin turned out to be arguably the best Disney remake, Toy Story 4 turned out to be another Pixar masterpiece, Spider-Man Far from Home was another Marvel masterpiece, The Lion King turned out to be much better than Dumbo and Secret Life of Pets 2 ended up as the summer underdog, Stranger Things 3 turned out to be the best movie of the whole summer (And I’m counting it as a summer movie cause it plays like a movie so shut up!).


Weekend estimates: Simba Breaks Harry Potter’s wand with stupefying $185 million

The Lion King actually managed to beat my original prediction earning a record breaking $185 million. And yes it’s possible that that number could go up by tomorrow. After earning $78 million on Friday, it earned $61 million on Saturday and then $45 million on Sunday for a $185 million opening. That is (obviously) a new record for biggest July opening. It’s also a new record for a G, PG R or NC-17 rated film. If you want to say it’s animated, it also broke the animation record previously held by Incredibles 2. More importantly, it’s the biggest debut ever for a straight up Disney movie that isn’t related to Marvel or Star Wars. Despite mixed reviews, it earned an A on Cinemascore. I’m pretty sure strong word of mouth from audiences might give it the longevity it needs, if it legs it like The Dark Knight. It could become the biggest remake ever if it’s not a one weekend wonder (And it won’t be). As for the movie itself, like I said yesterday it is one of the best movies of the summer alongside Aladdin (Which is now all but certain to get to (Oh my god!) $1 billion worldwide), Toy Story 4 (Which will get past $900 million globally by next month), Spider-Man: Far from Home (Which might become the biggest Spider-Man film by the end of Monday) and (So Far and if I finish it tonight, I’ll make a separate post about this tomorrow after work) Stranger Things 3 (Yes, I’m counting it. Shut up). As for Disney remakes this year, Aladdin and The Lion King >>>>>>>>>> Dumbo. So yeah, maybe it could be The Dark Knight of the season and become the biggest PG rated movie of all time.

Spider-Man Far from Home was in a distant second with $21 million for a total of $319 million. It’ll pass Homecoming pretty soon. It is yet another financial success for Marvel and they have announced a bunch of movies for the future yesterday at SDCC. Hopefully, they announce the likes of Black Panther 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 later today. Otherwise, it’s D23.

Toy Story 4 fell only 30% from last week to $14 million. And that’s even in the face of The Lion King. It’s now at $375 million and is almost certain top $400 million. It’s legging like a champ despite missing expectations so like The third movie, it’s safe to call it The Phantom Menace of animation (And I’m not saying that quality wise).

Crawl fell 50% to $6 million. Not bad for a horror movie but that’s not good for its future. Especially with all the horror movies coming out in the next few weeks. I’m pretty sure IT Chapter Two might break records again.

Yesterday rounded out the top five with $5 million and will top $60 million in a day or two.

One final note, Avengers: Endgame is now the biggest movie of all time trouncing Avatar. I might make a separate post about this to celebrate but yippie for Marvel, yippie for us and yippie for SOMEONE who thought it was the best movie they’ve seen in theaters!

Friday box office results: The Lion King roars to monster $78 million

The Lion King got off to a faster than expected start earning a stupefying $78 million for a possible $191 million-$210 million debut. That may sound crazy but it’s gonna destroy the July record for sure! And I’m saying that because Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was mega frontloaded. Since Lion King is far more family friendly than that Potter finale, it will have better legs and possibly either near $200 million or top $200 million. Sure the reviews were nothing special but despite that, it earned an A Cinemascore (Same as remake Titans The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin) indicating that the critics were being snobby again. Anyway, that’s the biggest opening day ever for a straight up Disney movie (Sorry folks! Neither Black Panther nor Rey are in the movie so no humans!). As for the movie itself, its closer to The Jungle Book than Dumbo. In a year where Dumbo was the (Impersonating Comic Book Guy From the Simpsons) worst movie ever! (Normal voice) And Secret Life of Pets 2 ended up as the summer underdog, The Childish Gumbo/Beyoncé/Seth Rogan/James Earl Jones/John Oliver remake turned out to be one of the best movies of the summer alongside Aladdin, Toy Story 4, Spider-Man Far from Home and (So Far) Stranger Things 3 (Yes I’m counting it, shut up.). So again because of how good it is, it will have better legs than Harry Potter 7.5. A $191 million is a new record for July but let’s not be too shocked if it reached $200 million.

Spider-Man Far from Home fell 55% to $6 million for a possible $21 million weekend, it already reached $300 million and will top Homecoming soon.

Even in the face of The Lion King, Toy Story 4 continued to pack them in with $4 million for a possible $17 million weekend. It may or may not get to $400 million but if it doesn’t we shouldn’t be panicking.

Crawl fell a “normal for a horror film” 60% to $1 million for a possible $5 million gross.

Yesterday is already almost at $60 million after earning $1 million for a possible $4 million weekend gross.

Box Office: Lion earns King-Like $23 million in Thursday previews

Either we’re looking at one of the biggest debuts of all time or it might play like a Marvel Cinematic Universe installment. Cause The Lion King got off to a faster than expected start last night earning a gigantic $23 million in Thursday previews. You might want to be prepared (sorry) for a record breaking $179 million-$247 million debut depending on its legs. Despite mixed reviews, Since it’s a family film, I’d wager for $200 million than my $182 million prediction. There’s a good chance that the July record might finally be broken. And if it has legs closer to Toy Story 4 or Beauty and the Beast, it’ll break the technical record which is biggest summer debut. If you want to count it as an animated film, then it is bigger than the $18 million Incredibles 2 earned in Thursday previews and might break the animation record. Now I’m seeing the movie tonight so tomorrow when Friday’s numbers come in, I’ll tell you if it’s closer to The Jungle Book (Which is One of the best movies of 2016) or Dumbo (Which to be quite honest was (Unless Hobbs and Shaw is Suicide Squad Level Bad) the worst movie of the whole year). Even if it’s merely okay and doesn’t live up to expectations in a year where Dumbo sucked, Avengers: Endgame was the best movie I’ve seen in theaters (Fun fact: My favorite movie of all time, The Empire Strikes Back, came out way before I was born so I never got to watch that one until I discovered it on TV), Detective Pikachu became the best video game based movie ever made (All due respect to Rampage), Secret Life of Pets 2 turned out to be the summer underdog, and the best movies of the summer are Aladdin, Toy Story 4, Spider-Man: Far from Home and (So Far and I’ll make a post about it next week when I finish it) Stranger Things 3 (Yes, I’m counting it. Shut up.), I will not lose faith in the Mouse House. I’m upping my prediction to $191 million for right now, I might have to go higher once the Friday numbers come in.

The two year wait worked for Stranger Things but backfired for Game of Thrones (A… TV show news… post?)

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with Netflix’s most popular binge watching TV show right now. No not you, Black Mirror! Sit down! That’s right! I am talking about Stranger Things! The show premiered on Netflix this same exact time in 2016 but didn’t get into it until early last year. Yeah! I’m like literally late to the party. But thankfully I’m catching up on the show. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Season 1 set the world on fire in 2016 and dominated a summer where stuff like Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond all bellyflopped but stuff like Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory and The Secret Life of Pets all hilariously overperformed. It turned Stranger Things into both a pop culture phenomenon and everybody’s favorite binge watching hobby. Having watched the first two seasons as a whole, it plays more like an X-Files/Gravity Falls like sci-fi/mystery opus than a horror movie. While the first season is really good, season 2 is a bit on the weak side (Will being a plot device again, Mike, Lucas and Dustin all being separated from each other after going trick or treating as Ghostbusters, Eleven being far away from the person that loves her and it only gets better once you get to the last episode). The show’s third season premiered not that long ago. And it did break records for the oh so popular streaming service. Over 40 million watched the third season in the first four days. That’s a new record for how many household viewers watched something on the biggest streaming service in the world. Maybe that could part in due to the 80s throwbacks, anticipation or both. Now we fans had to wait two years for another season and good news, it’s being considered either the best season or the second best season behind the very first season. Of course Game of Thrones had a two year wait between season 7 and 8 and… well that backfired. And yeah. The eighth season of that HBO epic ended up closer to the final episode of Lost than (Unfitting comparison but) the final season of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Now I haven’t started season 3 yet but will do that tomorrow evening. Like Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we like Stranger Things not just because of the well written dialogue or the stories, but also the characters we know and love. For example, if you love Rey, Hermione, and Black Widow, then you’ll sure as heck love Eleven! If you love Han Solo, Professor Snape, and Spider-Man, you’ll love Dustin! And if you love Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and Iron Man, you’ll like Mike Wheeler! That being said, it’s better than most of the exclusive content Netflix puts out (Cough-Fuller House plays too much like a cheesy Disney Channel sitcom-Cough) and it’s a great show to watch on Netflix alongside shows you like including (Coming up with examples) The Office and Parks and Recreation. So yeah, 10 years ago it was this, Phineas and Ferb > Hannah Montana. Now it’s this, Stranger Things > Fuller House. And the Duffer Brothers series is arguably the best show on Netflix period.

Friday box office results: Spider-Man nets huge $32 million

It’s been two months since the last time any movie met or crushed expectations. That last time being Memorial Day weekend when Aladdin (Which has made $900 million globally so far including $315 million domestically plus whatever it made overseas yesterday) smashed expectations (Including my $71 million/$90 million prediction) with a whopping $91 million/$116 million debut. Since then it has been notoriously leggy which is a good thing. After that movie came out, we saw every other movie (With the exception of Yesterday) undershoot expectations every week and that sadly includes Pixar’s (Phenomenal) Toy Story 4 and Illumination’s (Better Than Expected) Secret Life of Pets 2. The former is still a big hit but no one at Universal is celebrating the performance of the latter nor are they re-enacting Event Horizon. Luckily, after Spider-Man: Far from Home earned nearly $40 million on opening day, then ended up not being all that front loaded on Wednesday, only to not let picnics, fireworks or Season 3 of Stranger Things (I still need to catch up on season 2 THEN watch season 3) take a massive chunk out of its box office on Thursday (It fell only 7% to $25 million from its $27 million Wednesday). Yesterday, the movie earned a boffo $32 million putting it on pace for an almost $200 million six day debut including (Baring an Ant-Man and The Wasp-ish collapse) $90 million-$104 million over the weekend depending on how much it grows today (Normally MCU films have Friday to Saturday drop offs on opening weekend but since this one opened on a Tuesday, don’t be surprised to see Friday to Saturday growth!). Since it’s reviews are amazing (No pun intended) ditto it’s A Cinemascore, my $77 million opening weekend prediction is actually way too low. Oh! And with $124 million in the bank so far, it’ll beat Sony’s studio expectations by the time you read this. A $183 million six day debut including $91 million over the weekend in a terrible summer filled with most movies missing expectations on their opening weekends is excellent news for Hollywood.

Toy Story 4 was well back in second place with $11 million down just 30% from last Friday for a possible $35 million third week gross. For better or worse, despite not being the $1 billion+ monster I expected it to be, it’s playing like a regular old Pixar film.

Yesterday and Annabelle Comes Home earned $3 million each for over/under $10 million weekends. For the former, had the film opened to $10 million, it would have struggled. For the latter, I’m pretty sure it’s doing okay.

Aladdin rounded out the top five with $2 million for a likely $8 million weekend. It’s cume is now at a stunning $315 million meaning by the time you read this, it will overtake Indiana Jones 4 to become the biggest Memorial Day release without adjusting for inflation. The legs on this movie. Darn! I’ve ran out of positive things to say about this movie! Your move, The Lion King!

As Aladdin passes $900 million, 6 reasons why the Will Smith remake crushed expectations (A movie news post)

As Spider-Man: Far from Home nabs $91 million heading into the weekend along with over $300 million worldwide and will earn $160 million+ for the six day debut including a likely weekend gross of $77 million or more depending on how it does today, it’s good to remind ourselves about the year’s happiest surprise thus far. No not you John Wick 3! Sit down! I’m talking about Disney’s live action Aladdin remake! By the end of the day today, it will reach $900 million worldwide. It’s at $313 million domestically so far and will pass Suicide Squad to become Will Smith’s biggest film domestically when your not playing BOM’s inflation game. That’s how super duper leggy the movie is. If the movie passes Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (The last time Disney really scored on Memorial Day weekend), then it will become the biggest Memorial Day release ever globally. $1 billion worldwide may or may not be on the table depending on if the movie is still up and running when The Lion King hits theaters in 14 more days (And I’m getting my advance ticket on Sunday when I see Spider-Man: Far from Home. Thanks for asking!) But with a likely finish of over/under $1 billion worldwide, here are 6 reasons why the Guy Richie directed remake transformed into the gigantic cash eating monster no one expected it to be.

1. Online toxicity doesn’t matter!: Yes I know! Online toxicity is equal parts evil and equal parts scary! We’ve seen this whole “Online Toxicity doesn’t matter!” Thing happen before with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Wonder Woman, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Black Panther and Captain Marvel (All terrific movies by the way!) where a movie gets online hate by a bunch of cyber bullies with no brain but they don’t represent the people your seeing that movie with and that movie still becomes a gigantic monster hit. Aladdin continued to prove the Internet trolls wrong. Racist trolls, sexist trolls, and Russian bots are probably all smacking themselves in the faces because the movie you loved so much is making more money than “their” movies (I.E. The Last Jedi making more on opening weekend than how much every Alvin and the Chipmunks movie made in their entire theater runs, Captain Marvel making more in total than every Twilight or Hunger Games Movie, The Force Awakens making more on opening day than Hop’s entire domestic run, Black Panther doing better than Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman being the biggest non Christopher Nolan Batman movie domestically, etc…). Whoever started the whole “online toxicity” thing is probably spending his/her time eating paste and shoving crayons up their nose proving to the “normal people” how stupid online toxicity really is ($100 if you guess the show I’m referencing in this sentence!). So yeah, stuff like “Insert wonderful movie here is the worst movie of all time! Insert terrible movie is way better!” “This actor or actress sucks!” Or “Do not see this go see this!” Are all clickbait nobody listens to. So once again, Aladdin is proving that people are complaining about nothing for nothing.

2. Disney really needed a real smash hit on Memorial Day weekend: For 12 years, Disney has not had an actual smash hit on Memorial Day weekend since Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End became the biggest Memorial Day release in global revenue. However, when Aladdin earned a boffo $91 million/$116 million debut, everything changed. So yeah, because Disney fans are tired of seeing every Memorial Day release not become a giant monster every time they release a movie on Memorial Day, they were like “I love the original Aladdin so much! Let’s prove the naysayers wrong by seeing this new version!” So yeah. The plan worked and the movie is a giant hit.

3. Reviews don’t matter!: Aladdin earned mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes but not only is their moviegoer score insanely high, but it also earned an A score on Cinemascore. Yes 85% of my time on earth, I listen to the critics about whatever movie. But there are also times where I think they were being snobs. Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 are prime examples. They really should have gotten 82% and 91% respectively. I also really think that stuff like (Coming up with random examples) The Secret Life of Pets 2, Bohemian Rhapsody and The Greatest Showman all should have gotten 83%, 95% and 86% cause they felt like they should have gotten those scores. Meanwhile Night at the Museum 1 and 2 both should have gotten 90% and 91%. However, there are movies like (Coming up with random examples again) A Star Is Born, Blade Runner 2049, and Mad Max: Fury Road That don’t deserve good ratings. But don’t The Last Jedi Or Captain Marvel me! The Last Jedi really deserved it’s 91% certified fresh rating and is keeping it for eternity because it’s actually darn amazing. Ditto Captain Marvel and it’s 79% certified fresh rating. But I got to admit that I have to agree that Aladdin (2019) should have gotten 89%.

4. People wanted something they can’t get anywhere else!: The movie is being labeled as “Adventure” right? Wrong! If you see the movie, it’s actually labeled as Fantasy/romance/comedy/musical! Can you get this kind of movie in theaters? Yes! On Netflix only? No! Aladdin is a fantasy/romance/comedy/ musical about a guy who falls in love with a girl, finds a genie, tries to impress a girl, stops an evil sorcerer and marries her. Can you go on Netflix or Amazon Prime right now after watching The Office or Friends and watch this kind of movie by typing the letters A L A D D I N? Not really! The only way to do so is to spend $10-$12 (Or higher if you can’t get over seeing movies in 3D) at a Regal or Cinemark or an AMC to watch that kind of movie. And thus the whole fantasy/romance/comedy/musical thing actually works.

5. People wanted to see a live action Aladdin ASAP: If you wanted a live action Aladdin movie that is actually a real life version of one of your favorite Disney movies, one with a diverse cast is the way to go. The cast turned out to be seemingly accurate (Girls think Aladdin is a really cute guy, Men (such as myself) think Jasmine and Dalia are hot, women think Jafar is hot, and everyone thinks the Genie is hilarious as heck), it has the Disney logo slapped onto every poster and commercial of the movie, and it’s really a genre you can’t get anywhere else (As I mentioned before, it’s a fantasy/romance/comedy/musical). And yes, I saw the movie twice cause of how unique it is compared to most remakes and it’s better than Tim Burton’s (Rather disappointing) Dumbo! Thanks for asking! So audiences went to see a live action Aladdin movie either for the first time or over and over again in a way they didn’t for Oz the Great and Powerful Or Dumbo.

And finally… 6. Two words. Will Smith: As opposed to Jim Carrey or Steve Carrell like I predicted four years ago (Pft! Chris Pratt as Aladdin, Mila Kunis as Jasmine, Hugh Laurie as Jafar! Looking back at my 20 year old self, I was pretty dumb back then with the cast predicting! Pft! Garbage like Tomorrowland, Chappie, Jupiter Ascending and Pixels being underrated! Boy was I dumb back then!), Will Smith as the Genie turned out to be a wonderful casting choice. Put Will Smith in any movie and it prints money. If you want to make a movie people were thinking of doing, put Will Smith in that movie! Oh! It’s actually Will Smith’s biggest grossing film ever overtaking Independence Day in global revenue. Your move, Gemini Man and Spies In Disguise!

So there you have it! Six reasons why Aladdin crushed expectations! Your move, The Lion King!

How Jumanji: The Next Level can thrive against Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (A movie news post)

At long last, because Spider-Man: Far From Home (Which I’m seeing Sunday) comes out tomorrow and is hoping to break at least two records (Namely biggest Tuesday opening day and biggest debut for a movie that didn’t come out on a Friday) Sony figures that it would (Finally!) be time to release a trailer and further details along with a title reveal for Jumanji 3 which is now called Jumanji: The Next Level (Which sounds like a pretty cool title). Now it’s no secret that I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original Jumanji with Robin Williams. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle however sounded like a pretty clever idea from day 1. It was about four teenagers who get sucked into a game and have to survive it while getting used to their adult bodies. It turned out to be one of the best movies of all time if not the best comedy ever made. Because of how good the movie really was, it unexpectedly got to $404 million off a $7 million opening day along with a whopping $962 million worldwide. So yeah, the fact that it made almost $1 billion off a $90 million budget really shocked the heck out of everyone. The premise of the movie this time is that Spencer is stuck in the game and Martha (Who is thankfully still controlling Uber hottie Karen Gillan who is coming off Avengers: Endgame) and Fridge (Who is now controlling Jack Black) help two old people (Danny DeVito and Danny Glover) get used to controlling Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart (Which to me sounds super Intriguing) and now they have to get Spencer out of the game. That sounds very twisty and funny and while the movie looks hilarious, I’m hoping it’s closer to Rush Hour 2 and Wayne’s World 2 (Where people say it’s as good as the previous one) than Neighbors 2 (Which was labeled as “Social Justice Warriors: The Movie”) and Ted 2 (Which was labeled as “Seth Macfarlane Runs Out of Ideas as Director”). If the movie acts like Wayne’s World 2 in terms of quality and performs like Night at the Museum 2 (Tops the original opening weekend but makes about as much as we expected the previous film to make), that’s good. If the movie acts like The LEGO Movie 2 and The Secret Life of Pets 2 where the previous film is a monster and everyone likes it so much but nobody cares about the next one despite being quite good and falls 60% from the original, that’s bad. But I’m really hoping it’s the biggest non Disney film this year (Spider-Man: Far from Home is affiliated with The MCU so it’s both Disney and Sony) topping Us (Which made $71 million on opening weekend and $175 million in total) domestically and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World globally. Keep in mind that it’s coming about a week before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker comes out and possibly debuts to $278 million-$306 million. So maybe like The Last Jedi and Welcome to the Jungle, Rise of Skywalker and The Next Level might hilariously overperform against each other too. Jumanji: The Next Level hits theaters December 13th and as always, we’ll see.

Aladdin’s performance is good news for The Lion King

With $815 million worldwide in the bank so far, Disney’s (Wonderful) Aladdin remake is already the monster nobody expected it to be. Domestically, it has earned $290 million (and counting) off a boffo $91 million/$116 million Memorial Day debut and will reach $300 million over the coming weekend. Now it’ll top Independence Day to be Will Smith’s biggest global grosser by the time you read this. That’s how insane the movie’s performance is so far. It has had solid holds every week. Even this past week when Pixar’s (Superb) Toy Story 4 missed expectations and was still a huge hit with a $120 million debut. So yeah, I guess it’s better for Disney to let Aladdin hilariously overperform and Toy Story 4 to miss expectations. Ditto not having Avengers: Endgame top Avatar for biggest movie of all time. So trading Toy Story 4’s record breaking debut for Aladdin’s monster performance was fair. Despite, years of negative buzz (People saying “Oh no! Tom Hardy might be Jafar!” Or “Naomi Scott is British so… She shouldn’t be Jasmine!” Didn’t effect the film at all), people complaining about Will Smith’s Genie after that miserable TV trailer making blue jokes and stuff, and mixed reviews, the film managed to be a rare “Can’t get this anywhere else!” Romance/fantasy/comedy Film for everyone to pay to see. Not only that but it also managed to become THE definitive live action Aladdin audiences wanted to spend $10-$12 (Or higher if you saw it in 3D) on. And thus with surprisingly strong word of mouth from audiences and die hard Disney fans like myself and a seemingly accurate cast (Girls are saying Aladdin is handsome, Guys (Such as myself) are saying Jasmine and her friend are both hot, women are saying Jafar is hot, and everyone is saying the Genie is funny), the film is the year’s biggest surprise hit thus far and could possibly end up being the biggest Memorial Day release in America dollars if it continues to corral fans as first time seers or for repeat viewings. It’s possible $900 million+ global cume (No! It’s not getting anywhere near $1 billion! But that would be awesome if it did that!) is good news for next month’s release of their last remake for the year, The Lion King (Which I’m presuming is due for one more trailer). Tickets for that movie are on sale already (I’m getting mine possibly next week) and has broken a pre-sales record for a Disney movie that isn’t related to Marvel or Star Wars. So yeah, maybe we’re looking at a $200 million+ debut but if the tracking is huge, then I will be happy to make a post tomorrow if I’m not a lazy ape. If Lion King gets reviews on par with The Jungle Book and/or clicks with the same audiences that saw Aladdin, then it may take a shot at top five biggest openings of all time. So the reasons Aladdin is doing so well are that A. People love it, B. People wanted to see a live action Aladdin in a way they didn’t for a live action Dumbo (Now on digital HD) earlier this year, and C. Will Smith is in it. Maybe Will Smith should have been in Dumbo instead of Danny DeVito. So yeah, bring on Return of Jafar and/or King of Thieves!

Friday box office results: Toy Story 4 undershoots expectations but still shines bright with $47 million

Good news. Toy Story 4 earned the third biggest animated opening day with a good but not great $47 million behind Finding Dory ($54 million) and Incredibles 2 ($71 million). Bad news. That’s well below expectations and puts the movie on pace for a lower than expected $120 million-$125 million debut. That could go higher because of its stunning reviews and strong word of mouth (It earned an A Cinemascore). There is a possibility that strong word of mouth could kick in throughout the rest of the weekend. Toy Story 3 missed expectations also with $110 million back in 2010 but was still super leggy even with Despicable Me hilariously over performing a couple of weeks later. Toy Story 4 has no other animated film between now and Frozen 2 (Angry Birds 2 looks like another loser from Sony) So don’t be surprised if it ends up over/under the $415 million cume of the third Toy Story. A $123 million debut will still cause Disney to celebrate (Because its opening is still Monstrous). So they won’t be reenacting Event Horizon.

Child’s Play may or may not match my $15 million prediction after a $6 million opening day. It’s reviews are mixed positive and its Cinemascore is a C+. So a $14 million opening is just okay for a movie like this.

Aladdin continues to be Disney’s Energizer Bunny with $4 million for a likely $13 million weekend. Wether your money goes to Toy Story 4 or this superb remake, Disney will be popping champagne and unleashing balloons. It is all but guaranteed to reach $300 million now. Heck, maybe it’ll end up over/under the $317 million gross of Indiana Jones 4 for biggest grossing Memorial Day release. Bring on Return of Jafar or King of Thieves as live action movies with the same cast!!

Men in Black: International won’t be going to $317 million in American dollars. In fact, it was never going to do that. The poorly reviewed revamp earned $3 million on its second Friday for a Likely $10 million gross. Just because we love Chris Hemsworth and/or Tessa Thompson and think either one is hot doesn’t mean we have to see them in as MIB agents!

The Secret Life of Pets 2 got hit hard by Toy Story 4 with $3 million and will earn $12 million over the weekend for a “Eh. It’s alright” $119 million cume. If only the movie picked a better release date. Alas.