Top ten best movies of 2018

It’s 2019 already and you know what that means? Well, not only does it mean it’s already 2019 but it also means it’s time to look back at the 10 of my favorite movies from 2018. Sure 2019 is gonna have a lot of awesome movies like 2018 did but here are the 10 that really stood out in my book. Without further ado, here are top ten best movies of 2018. Oh! And happy new year!

10. Bohemian Rhapsody: Well, this one is an unexpected one. I normally don’t put musicals that aren’t fiction but are reality in my top tens every year. But this one really stood out. Sure Mamma Mia 2 was better than expected and Mary Poppins Returns was delightful as it should be but the Queen movie is the most unique non fantasy musical film of the year. Not only does it deliver as a great biopic about Freddie Mercury but it’s also a rock concert brought to the silver screen. Rami Malek is terrific as Freddie Mercury and the film takes you behind the scenes of how Queen’s songs were made. Did I mention this made $702 million in global revenue? Maybe Kevin Feige should get Freddie Mercury to join the Avengers once the Disney/Fox deal starts in the summer.

9. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: Like Star Wars: The Last Jedi from 2017, this film is special in every way. It may not be your usual Spider-Man film but it’s a marvel to watch. There are people saying it’s the best Spider-Man film but I still think it’s Spider-Man: Homecoming that’s the best. Majorly because it gave the character justice and Tom Holland is excellent as the web slinger. But anyway, it’s one of the best animated films Sony has ever done, even if I had more fun with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and the Hotel Transylvania films. It definitely serves as not only a movie that makes you look like your reading a comic book and a movie that pays tribute to Stan Lee, but it also serves an apology letter from Sony for doing Thou Shall Not Be Named. Peni Parker is as interesting as she can get, Nicholas Cage nailed it as Spider-Noir and (I’m not gonna lie but) as much as I love Emma Stone, Hailee Steinfeld was a better Gwen Stacy than her. Did I mention Spider-Ham was a fun character? I would not mind seeing a Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy solo film and/or a Spider-Ham solo film after this. It also makes Venom, Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man films all look like a movie where all of the acting is nothing but wooden or sock puppets.

8. Bumblebee: Sorry, Into the Spider-Verse fans but I placed the new Transformers film about the yellow robot with the same actress from your film one spot higher! Where to begin? When I first heard of this movie, I thought it was gonna be a disaster. Especially after the poor reception and box office results of Transformers: The Last Knight. But after seeing what it’s like, boy! Was I wrong or what! The fact that this has no countless explosions, no annoying or obnoxious robots, no unnecessary humans, and no juvenile humor just restored my faith in Transformers. See what happens when Michael Bay decides to not direct anymore? The movie has better humans, better robot designs, an actual plot, and Animaniacs-Like humor. Shatter and Dropkick were the cruel, colorful Decepticons we wanted them to be, Hailee Steinfeld was great and the Bumble-Mister himself was awesome. This makes me want Paramount to make more Transformers movies like this one. Oh and Hollywood, not only can you do that but can you also please put Steinfeld in more films? Thank you! On a side note, I’m a little upset that it came out the same day as Aquaman (A movie I liked but as much as this one).

7. Paddington 2: Of course! You can’t have a top ten best movies of 2018 list without this film! This is the case of your sequel being even better Than the original. It’s heartwarming, funny and charming. Paddington is such a likable character unlike (For example) Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks or Yogi Bear from Yogi Bear. With Paddington 3 in development, let’s hope Paddington becomes a trilogy that’s more in line with Toy Story where all three films are excellent and everybody agrees to them. On a side note, since this was out the same year as Christopher Robin, I kind of want a Winnie the Pooh and Paddington bear crossover right now.

6. Deadpool 2: Sorry Paddington fans but I placed the Merc with the mouth one spot higher than the bear who loves Marmalade sandwiches but I love both still. Anyway, this is without a doubt, the best R rated movie of 2018 (Unless you think A Star Is Born was better) and the funniest comedy of the year (Unless your a moron that sat through an entire thing of Holmes and Watson this Christmas and thinks it’s a new kind of funny which in reality, it’s not). It’s hard to decide which Deadpool film is better because I’m a fan of the character. And let’s please pretend that the PG-13 cut didn’t happen!

5. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Another great entry in the MCU. Next!

4. Black Panther: The fourth super hero movie on this list. Out of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe entries that came out for over 10 years, it’s the most unique one ever and that’s despite coming out super early in the year (Okay. February is kind of super early) It plays as “Live action The Lion King but it’s all humans and most of the movie has the same kind of humor Timon and Pumbaa would deliver” It has a mostly African American cast with only two non-African American actors (Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis) thrown in. This movie is great from beginning to end.

3. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Sorry, Black Panther fans but I placed the sequel to a movie about a big guy with big fists one spot higher than a movie about an African American guy in a Panther suit. Wreck-It-Ralph is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time. This sequel however is even better. I really liked how it’s not just internet jokes and Disney references but it’s also heartfelt like the first movie was. The animation is wonderful to look at, it had so many likable characters and it had the best thing about the whole movie… The Disney Princesses scene! I really loved seeing my favorite Disney Princesses all in one film it was awesome! Its not the best crossover I’ve seen this year but it’s right in line with what’s going to be talked about later. It’s also very emotional. It’s a great sequel to a great movie. Please make Wreck-It-Ralph 3! And while your at it, make Zootopia 2 as well!

2. Incredibles 2: I absolutely love the original Incredibles film. So it’s no surprise that the most anticipated film of the year absolutely lived up to the hype. The first movie remains a classic and aged very well but this one is even better. As much as I loved Finding Dory and Cars 3, it’s the best Pixar sequel since Toy Story 3. Jack-Jack definitely stole the show in this film. It’s both awesome and hilarious. Just like the original. Like Ralph Breaks the Internet, it’s a great sequel to a great movie. Please make Incredibles 3 and don’t make us wait 14 years again! On a side note, if you have seizure disorders, do not watch this movie! It has strobe lights in one scene! I’m just giving you a warning for those with seizure disorders!

And the best movie of the year is…. (Drum noises) Avengers: Infinity War!!! It’s just… Oh Snap!!! It is amazing! It was a tough choice between this and Incredibles 2 for best movie this year. There are just so many elements in this movie that I really liked. The downside? The ending. But other than that. It is one of the best Superhero movies ever made. Josh Brolin delivers as the mad titan himself and all the heroes were awesome. Now that’s how you do a villain! Take notes, DC! Cannot wait for next year’s slate of MCU films! They’re gonna be awesome!

Well that’s it for 2018! I do have honorable mentions like Mamma Mia 2, Christopher Robin and Mary Poppins Returns but it’s gonna take me forever to mention them. Join me next year for more awesome movies and hopefully, no bad movies for me this year! Avengers: Endgame is set to be the epic finale for The Avengers but Marvel is making more movies. Star Wars: General Hux’s Demise will likely be the first awesome Star Wars film since The Last Jedi. Captain Marvel looks to capitalize on girl power (again). The Lion King looks to be an amazing remake and I can go on and on about next year’s films. But here’s one fan theory for my first 2019 film. Is Rex Dangervest related to Emmet?!


Avengers: Infinity War, Incredibles 2, and the best movies of 2018

Okie dokie! Now that my moviegoing experience for 2018 just wrapped up with Mary Poppins Returns, I am now going to make my final best and worst of 2018 list which I saved the best for last. After covering the worst movies of the year, the underrated movies of the year, the runner ups, and the surprises of the year it’s time to cover the best movies of 2018. The ones that stood out in the crowd. First off, two things. In case your wondering where Instant Family is on the list, it’s not on there cause I unfortunately never saw it. And lastly Aquaman isn’t going to be in there due to my “Aquaman Swims but doesn’t soar above Wonder Woman” thoughts. Anyway, without further ado, here are the best movies of 2018! Tomorrow I will put up a top ten best movies of the year list like I always do every year.

Paddington 2: Yes! I know! It came out in January! But it’s a super good movie that came out in January! The first Paddington ended up as one of the biggest surprises of 2015 only to see this movie be even better. Paddington Bear is getting used to living with the Brown family until a villainous actor is on the loose and he gets sent to jail. He makes friends with the prisoners only to later on have them help him escape. It’s the best movie ever released in January (Sorry, 2016’s Kung Fu Panda 3!) and it is a delightful treat not only to kids but adults too. I just wish it did better domestically and I also wish the families that saw Sony’s (better than expected) Peter Rabbit also saw this film when it was playing in theaters. On the other hand, Paddington 3 is in development. So hopefully, that means it is being made. Rating: 10/10 and an A+

Black Panther: Out of all the films in the MCU, this is the most unique one ever. It has a mostly African American cast which is super interesting and it’s the first Marvel movie to have fight scenes somewhere other than the city. T’Challa returns home to Wakanda and becomes king. But then a Wakandian artifact gets stolen by Erik Kilmonger. And now it is up to T’Challa to stop him from taking over Wakanda to dethrone him. It made a lot of money and it deserves to make “all the money” It’s also a really good story and serves as Disney’s Live Action The Lion King: The Human version. Chadwick Boseman is terrific as T’Challa/Black Panther. Michael B. Jordan gives out an A+ performance as the main villain, Erik Kilmonger. It gets better every time you watch it. Rating: 10/10 and an A+

Avengers: Infinity War: The best movie of the year on this list. It might as well be in my top five maybe top three list of best Marvel movies. It’s amazing how many heroes you can cram into one movie. A mad titan named Thanos is about to take over the world and is looking for all six infinity stones for his infinity gauntlet. And if he does get all six of them, he wipes out half the universe with a snap of his fingers. It serves as a perfect part 1 of a series finale. Josh Brolin delivers as the mad titan himself, Thanos and the fact that he is a soul crushing, cold hearted monster is fitting for the character. The heroes were awesome as they should be. My only gripe with it is the ending. If you never saw it, I’m not giving it away. Can’t wait to get back in the Iron Man armor for Endgame next year! Rating: 9/10 and an A+

Deadpool 2: A hilarious sequel to a hilarious movie. And the Best R rated movie of the year. Like the original, the jokes work, the fourth wall breaking is funny and the humor is fitting. Ryan Reynolds (Once again) steals the show as Deadpool. But Josh Brolin delivers as Cable. Oh yeah, Domino was cool. With this and the original, I don’t know which is better! If Ryan Reynolds is interested, please make Deadpool 3! And make it Rated R again! Rating 9/10 and an A

Incredibles 2: The Incredibles is one of Pixar’s best movies ever made. The sequel is definitely worth the 14 year long wait. It’s really good, beautifully animated, really funny, heartwarming, and most importantly, it’s even better than the original. After The Incredibles tried to stop the Underminer, they move to a motel. Then they move to a beautiful mansion like house, where Elastigirl goes on a mission to make supers legal again. Along the way, she tries to stop the ScreenSlaver from controlling everyone. My only gripe with the movie is the strobe lights. That’s why people with seizure disorders is not a group of people I would recommend the movie to. Other than that, I have no problems with this movie whatsoever. Pixar, please make Incredibles 3, and whatever you do, don’t make us wait another 14 years! Rating: 10/10 and an A+

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Another MCU film in this list. This brand is getting better and better with each movie. Paul Rudd is excellent as Ant-Man and The Wasp is an awesome character. I know Marvel movies are supposed to be both serious and funny at the same time but it works as a comedy superhero film. Rating: 9/10 and an A

Mission Impossible: Fallout: While I still think Ghost Protocol is my favorite in the franchise, Fallout was a thrill ride for adults to enjoy. The action is A+ amazing, the acting is great and Henry Cavill was great as the villain. My only gripe is Alec Baldwin’s character dying in the movie. Rating: 9/10 and an A

Christopher Robin: While I feel stupid for ignoring the animated Winnie the Pooh movie that came out in 2011, this was a really good Live action Winnie the Pooh movie. I really liked Pooh in this film. After leaving the Hundred Acre Wood, Christopher Robin gets married, goes to war, and goes to work. Later on, he encounters Pooh. And he finds all his friends in the hundred acre wood, to try to be like the kid inside of him. It’s a great coming of age drama that is nice for sitting on a blanket with a cup of warm cocoa. Rating: 9/10 and an A

Crazy Rich Asians: The box Office monster that no one expected to be this good. This romantic dramady just goes to show that Chinese people are more likable than you think. It’s not a movie I would own on DVD but it’s worth your time. Rating: 8/10 and an A

Searching: The smallest movie on this list. It’s a very intriguing thriller about a father who searches for his daughter through social media and Internet. John Cho delivers a spectacular performance in this Welcome entry. And it’s one to watch. If you hated Unfriended and want a movie like Taken but on the web, this movie is for you! Rating: 9/10 and an A

Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen is a great band. It’s no surprise that this movie is on the level of awesome. If you want a movie that serves as both a biopic of a great person and a rock concert all in one, check it out. Rating: 9/10 and an A+

Ralph Breaks the Internet: The highly requested sequel to one of Disney’s best movies is one of the best sequels. Ralph and Vanellope we’re getting used to having fun until Vanellope’s game sugar rush gets broken and now they have to go to the Internet to have a new steering wheel delivered to Litwack’s. Along the way, they meet a cool gal named Shank, a BuzzTube person named Yesss, and (You guessed it) the Disney Princesses! It’s like the original but with better internet jokes than The Emoji Movie and recognizable Disney references. Let’s hope Wreck-It-Ralph 3 gets made so Felix can have a bigger role. Rating: 10/10 and an A+

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: I did not expect this one to be on this list at all. Why? Because I didn’t want to remake my surprises list! Anyway, A kid named Miles Morales gets bit by a spider and then he thinks Spider-Man is dead only to see that an older Spider-Man is around along with Gwen Stacy, Spider-Noir, a Japanese spider girl with a robot and even a spider pig! They all team up to stop Kingpin and get them back to their respective universes. Not only is the movie a visual marvel but it also pays tribute to Stan Lee. Rating: 9/10 and an A+

Mary Poppins Returns: The Last movie on this list. I promise! The original Mary Poppins is a classic. This, while not a classic, is still a really good movie with catchy songs that are well, catchy but not as memorable as the songs in the original and a good story. Emily Blunt shines as the title character as does Lin Manuel Miranda as Jack. Dick Van Dyke makes a neat cameo but I won’t tell you where he is. Overall, it serves as Julie Andrews letting Emily Blunt shine as Mary Poppins. Rating: 9/10 and an A+

Mamma Mia 2, Bumblebee and the biggest surprises of 2018

Even if I see Aquaman and say it’s better than your average DC film, I’m not remaking this whole list! Anyway, when making a most anticipated films of whatever year list, I always refuse to include under the radar movies that don’t interest me. As I do every year, I got to make a list of movies that exceeded expectations. When you hear of a movie or see a trailer for it you go “Eh. Looks okay I might go see it” or “OMG this looks terrible!” But then you give it a chance and then walk out of it saying “Wow, that was so much better than I thought it was gonna be!” Here are the movies that surprised me all year.

Peter Rabbit: While The trailer worked better on its target audience than grown men or women, this movie had the potential to be another Paddington where it’s good and you got mostly a British cast. The end result? It’s charming, funny, on the same plane as Paddington and so much better than other CG/Live action films like The Smurfs or Alvin and the Chipmunks. James Corden Voices the charming title character which to be honest is better for him than “The abomination that shall not be named” from last year. As much as I thought Paddington 2 was a masterpiece, it’s a great movie for kids to watch without driving parents bananas. Well it’s kind of dark and violent for a kids movie but still, it’s a kids movie that works very well. Did I mention Rey and General Hux from Star Wars were in it? Rating: 8/10 and an A

Rampage: You know Video game based movies, they’re terrible and they bomb financially. This one however, in terms of Quality, was on a completely different plane than (For example) The Super Mario Bros. Movie or Tomb Raider. It acts less like a video game movie and more like a mindless action film. A man befriends a giant gorilla named George who grows huge and fights a giant mutant wolf named Ralph and a giant mutant crocodile named Lizzy. And now it is up to the guy to stop the madness and save the city from being torn apart by monsters. Did I mention it’s directed by Brad Payton? Not only was the action good but what really made the movie different than the other video game based movies was the guy who ironically got stuck in a video game before, Dwayne Johnson! Unless that Sonic the Hedgehog movie or Illumination’s Super Mario give fans what they want, this will be the only good video game based movie Hollywood has actually made. Rating: 8/10 and an A

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again: The original Mamma Mia wasn’t really one of my favorite movies. However, this was a lot better than I thought. The songs were catchy, the writing was good and the ending left me balling in tears. Did I mention we got a surprise appearance from Cher (Who plays the grandma In this film)? It’s the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle of musicals and best part? Pierce Bronson didn’t sing this time! Rating 9/10 and an A

Bumblebee: Arguably the biggest surprise of the whole year. Because Transformers: The Last Knight killed the franchise, I completely underestimated this film saying I had no interest in it and a movie about Bumblebee (The franchise’s cash cow who had so many toys on Target and Walmart pegs) sounded like a bad idea. Then the trailer came out. It looked… promising. I was on the fence about it and was debating wether or not I should see it. Then the reviews and early reactions kicked in. They stated nothing but positive stuff about and was like “I’ll probably see it”. So I saw it. It was literally the best Transformers movie ever made thus far (Depending on if it’s profitable or not for the studio to make more films like this). Bumblebee gets sent to earth by Optimus Prime and encounters a mean Decepticon who wipes out his voice box and memory. Then a girl named Charlie Watson (Played by the adorable Hailee Steinfeld) finds a car and discovers the Bumble-mister. She then finds out that the government wants him and she has to protect him from them and two bad triple changing robots Dropkick and Shatter. See what happens when Farty McBoomBoom here decides to not direct anymore of these movies?! The fact that the movie has no unnecessary humans (Sorry Shia Labouff and Mark Wahlberg, But we came to those movies for the robots!), no potty humor, no juvenile humor, no countless explosions and no obnoxious robots just so happens to (Impersonating Thanos from Infinity War) put a smile on my face. (Normal voice) It May be a prequel but it feels like a clean reboot. It’s akin to transitioning from The Amazing Spider-Man movies to Spider-Man Homecoming. Paramount, I demand that you make more Transformers films more like this and less like Revenge of The Fallen! Rating 9/10 and an A+.

Friday box office results: Aquaman splashes water over competition with $28 million but moviegoers want Star Wars back

Hollywood, this is what happens when you don’t release a Star Wars film in December. Anyway, It looks like the DC universe might be saved as Aquaman earned $28 million on Friday (Well below the $30 million I expected) for a possible $70 million-$77 million debut. That’s more than how much the rest of the top five might make over the weekend. Add the $4 million it earned during the 10 sneak previews it went through and it has $32 million in America thus far. I’m pretty sure the decent reviews and robust word of mouth will ensure people who are waiting till Christmas or after Christmas to know it’s good. It could still match my $74 million prediction which would be a win but it could take work to do it.

Arrrgguuhhh! I was hoping Bumblebee would top $30 million! Oh well. It’s still expected to at least top $20 million after a fine $8 million opening day. It’s reviews and strong word of mouth could help it in the long run. And hey! Even if the movie earns closer to $400 million globally than $600 million, that’s okay. It’s enough for more high quality Transformers films to be made. A $22 million opening is fine by any standards. As long as it tops the $130 million domestic cume of The Last Knight. (Sighs) If only the film came out two weeks ago. Why did it have to come out the same day as Aquaman?

Oh no. Mary Poppins Returns isn’t doing as well as I would have liked it to do. It was number one for just two days and then it fell to third with $6 million. That sets the stage for a disappointing $20 million debut and less in five days than how much it was expected to make in three. Sadly, it’s not shaping up to be a Jumanji sized monster. Even legs like Welcome to the Jungle gets it to $210 million. Alas. Even with good reviews, it’ll have legs closer to Into the Woods than The Greatest Showman. So much for hoping for a Shrek 2-ish miracle.

All three of the big new releases earned an A- Cinemascore indicating that people are at least enjoying what they got this Christmas.

Because of so much competition, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse fell 62% to $4 million for a possible $18 million second week gross. It’ll still get to $100 million. But everyone’s dreams of it overtaking The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have been crushed.

The Mule rounded out the top five with $4 million for a possible $13 million second week gross.

Ready Player One, The Grinch and the runner ups of 2018

Last year we only got one runner up movie. That movie being Murder on the Orient Express. This year, we got more than that. This list contains movies that I loved or liked but don’t hail it as “The best thing ever!”. They’re also better than most movies that came out in a certain year. (For example, 2016, Star Trek Beyond > Suicide Squad) Here are the runner ups of 2018. On a side note before we get to the list, I will be seeing Bumblebee tomorrow and I’m insisting on making the biggest surprises of the year list by Sunday. I don’t know if Aquaman is gonna be in that list or the best movies of the year list because I am saving that one for maybe the new year alongside Mary Poppins Returns. But after seeing the Transformers reboot-quel thingy tomorrow it’ll probably end up on my next list. So without further ado, here we go!

Ready Player One: I keep forgetting this came out this year. The movie is about a game being created to be impossible to beat and only whoever beats it can beat it by collecting all three keys by completing challenges and that person, Parseval, decides to go on an adventure and race against time and get past bad guys like a bounty hunter named I Rok (Played by TJ Miller). It’s a really good movie with interesting characters and an interesting cast. It may be the least memorable movie this year, but Steven Spielberg is a great director. Rating: 8/10 and an A-

Hotel Transylvania 3: I love these movies. Well, the first two at least. This third movie is in the “pretty good” realm. Drac realizes that it’s been a while since the last time he zinged and fell in love. His Daughter Mavis then surprises him with a cruise vacation. Drac then falls in love with the ship’s Captain, Erica who wants to kill him. But then at the end, the two get engaged. It may not be as good as the first two films but it’s still pretty funny. Rating: 7/10 and an A-

The House with a Clock in its Walls: This movie May be a bit scary but it’s a delightful little gem. It’s Eli Roth’s first shot at making a kids movie and for the most part, it works. It’s not a movie I would watch again but it’s worth your time. Rating: 8/10 and an A-

The Grinch: Ah Yes! A Dr. Seuss movie! The film is about… well… you know the story! But as a CGI film! I actually liked this one a bit more than the Jim Carrey version for its family friendly-ness. But that doesn’t mean the Jim Carrey version aged poorly or isn’t loved by me no more. The Jim Carrey Version still remains one of the best Christmas movies to exist. But this version. Let’s just say it’s as good. It’s funny, colorful and fun to watch even if Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t ment to be funny. Rating: 8/10 and an A

Solo: A Star Wars Story, Smallfoot and the underrated movies of 2018

The year of 2018 is almost over and whats a great way to finish off my best and worst of 2018 lists? Write an underrated movies list. No, this isn’t a list of movies that I liked more than 99% of the planet. This is a list of movies that weren’t loved enough or unseen. This year I only saw two movies that made the list obviously by looking at the title. But there were more surprises than underrated films this year. Here are the films that I thought were underrated.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: This is the first time a Star Wars movie landed on this kind of list (Don’t worry! Episode 9 will be back on the best movies list next year if it lives up to the last two episodes!). Well the reason I put it on here is simple. It wasn’t loved by everyone, it wasn’t as good as the other Star Wars films (minus the prequels of course.), and it was a box Office Dud. That’s why it’s on the list. It’s a really good story about how Han Solo became a smuggler and why Quira wasn’t for him (As we all know, he went for Leia). It’s also about how he met Chewbacca. It’s a space western that should have actually been cared about by millions. It’s not like everyone outright hated it. Sure (again) it’s not as good as The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi Or the original trilogy but it’s still worth your time. Rating: 8/10 and an A-

Smallfoot: The only other film on this list because I didn’t see anything else I would consider “underrated.” It’s a good story about a group of yetis who think humans aren’t real but at the end they think humans aren’t really a threat to their society. In terms of Warner Bros. Animated films, I liked it a bit more than last September’s The LEGO Ninjago Movie and it’s better than the “merely okay” Storks. On the other hand, it pales in comparison to The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie. But that’s okay, it was never made to be better than those two movies. Because those two movies are masterpieces. Smallfoot isn’t a masterpiece but it’s a film that’s worth your time. Rating: 8/10 and an A-

My top ten most anticipated films of 2019

We’re in the final few weeks of 2018 and we’re already discussing our most anticipated films of of 2019. Now I only have one to two or three more films for me to see from this year. Mary Poppins Returns has the most interest, but early reviews and fan reactions for Bumblebee (It’s at 100% fresh right now and could end up at 85% fresh or higher) are gonna change my mind about the film and just see it when I can. Aquaman is hoping to have the same quality veins as Wonder Woman as opposed to DC’s other films (I still think Justice League would have been awesome as opposed to decent if it weren’t for Ben Affleck’s Portrayal of Batman). Granted the year had most films either live up to the hype or fail miserably. Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald would have been seen by me had it’s reviews been better and I feel stupid for putting Pacific Rim: Uprising on the list of most anticipated films of 2018. Granted there were under the radar surprises like Mamma Mia 2 and Rampage (Bumblebee, You might be next!) but most of the honorable mentions (Minus A Wrinkle in Time and Goosebumps 2) and the top ten (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was good but a bit disappointing at the same time) were dead on. So let’s start off with honorable mentions.

Honorable mentions:

Shazam!: While I seriously hope Aquaman is more Wonder Woman and less Batman V Superman, The trailer for Shazam looks like a Sky High-ish superhero comedy that’s kid friendly. So if I hear it’s good I’ll see it.

The Secret Life of Pets 2: The first Secret Life of Pets believe it or not was not only one of 2016’s best movies but also a surprise box office monster. Hopefully this isn’t like Minions but at least on par with Despicable Me 2.

Toy Story 4: Yes yes! I know! Pixar should have done Inside Out 2 instead but at the same time, it could be a decent movie. If this gets good reviews then Cars 2 will be Pixar’s only film to not get decent or good reviews. I love all three Toy Story movies and they work a a trilogy, so it doesn’t matter if the movie is good or not.

Aladdin: Aladdin is the only Disney remake coming out this year that I’m a little concerned about. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie but the remake might not be as good as the original. Unless it gets good reviews, who knows?

Frozen 2: Yes! I know! Frozen is everywhere but it’s one of Disney’s best films. The sequel however, I’m not sure what it’s about. Most people might think it might be a PG-13 animated film in PG clothes which would be disturbing for young children and could ruin people’s childhoods. Hopefully their wrong and it’s about Anna and Kristoff’s Wedding as the main plot and Olaf makes a new friend being a subplot.

Without further ado, let’s get to the main attraction! The top ten most anticipated films of 2019!

10. Godzilla: King of Monsters: The original Godzilla remains a really good movie and Kong: Skull Island lived up to the hype. This could be good and while the first movie was like Jaws but with a giandreamworkst lizard, the second movie could be Jurassic Park. On the other hand, I stupidly pegged Pacific Rim: Uprising as the eighth most anticipated of 2018 only to see it get mauled by critics and audiences and tank at the box office. If the same thing happens to this movie, I’m going to be really angry. It was gonna come out in March but it’s coming out after Memorial Day weekend. That’s good because it can earn a bigger profit.

9. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World: The first two How to Train Your Dragon films are really good but the first one remains the best. This one looks like a grand finale of the trilogy. Assuming it’s good like Madagascar 3 and Kung Fu Panda 3 and not bad like Shrek the Third, it could be the trilogy capper that ends the franchise perfectly. On a side note, this is the first time I put a Dreamworks film on a top ten most anticipated films of whatever year list. I dunno if I made a 2016 one but this is a first. As 2017 didn’t have any because I was curious about Captain Underpants and Had super low expectations towards The Boss Baby. But I liked Captain Underpants a bit less than I wanted to and The Boss Baby was an under the radar surprise.

8. The LEGO Movie 2: I loved The LEGO Movie. I really did. And five years later we’re getting a sequel. I’m not calling it by the official title, The Second Part because it didn’t sound right. However, with Phil Lord and Chris Miller writing it again, it could be as good as the first movie. Oh! Did I mention Chris Pratt is voicing two characters in the movie? Too funny!

7. Dumbo: This remake seems like another Pete’s Dragon. And I don’t mean that like it’s a bad thing. It might not be as big as Beauty and the Beast because of Captain Marvel coming out the same month. But it looks great.

6. Spider-Man: Far from Home: The trailer for this one might have gotten delayed but I still want to see it. I loved Homecoming and I want to see more Spider-Holland!

5. Captain Marvel: DC gave us our first successful female superhero film, now it’s Marvel’s turn to do it! Brie Larson looks like she’s great as Captain Marvel as Marvel is good about casting its characters. Unlike DC!

4. The Lion King: The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney films. The remake looks amazing in a Jungle Book sort of way. The original was a box Office monster and an amazing movie. This one will be too.

And now, the top three which contain the sequels to their glorious predecessors.

3. Jumanji 3: Until we get a title, that’s what I’m calling it. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original Jumanji but Welcome to the Jungle surprised me with its sheer awesomeness. I expected it to be good but not one of the best movies of all time. The cast and crew from Welcome to the Jungle returning makes this super exciting. Now give us a title and trailer, Sony!

2. Star Wars: Episode 9: It was a close call between this and the last film I’m gonna talk about which is another Marvel film. The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi are glorious masterpieces and with JJ Abrams returning to direct, this one will be too. But like Jumanji 3, we really need a trailer along with a title before Get even more excited than I already am for it.

And the most anticipated film of 2019 is….

Avengers: Endgame! Over the weekend we got a trailer and title for this latest Avengers movie but not only does it look epic but the title sounds really cool, if it’s as good as Infinity War and Marvel’s 45 other films, I will (impersonating Thanos) put a smile on my face.

So there you have it, my top ten most anticipated films of 2019. Hopefully they’re as good as they look and sound and I’m also hoping that I’m not overestimating Godzilla: King of Monsters and I end up underestimating I dunno, Wonder Park or Spies in Disguise? I did that this year with Pacific Rim: Uprising and Mamma Mia 2 and possibly Bumblebee.

A Wrinkle in Time, Goosebumps 2 and the worst movies of 2018

Yes! Yes! I know what your thinking! “It’s too early for the best and worst of 2018!” Well it’s because unless I hear Aquaman is more like Wonder Woman and less like Suicide Squad and/or if Bumblebee ends up like another Power Rangers (Edit: Bumblebee’s early reviews are actually stellar) and since I have no interest in Into the Spider-Verse for some odd reason. And since I might not make it to a screening of Instant Family for unfortunate reasons (I should really catch that one on DVD if I really don’t make it to that one), Mary Poppins Returns will probably be my last 2018 movie. Anyway, with 2018 winding down already, I thought I would start my best and worst of 2018 lists. And like always, I start with discussing the absolute trashy movies of whatever year we’re in. Yes! Yes! I know but it’s because there might be some good movies I’ll see and discuss before December 31st! I didn’t want to use a picture of any of the movies I’m going to talk about so instead I’m going to use a picture for all of you to laugh at. An image of Burnt Pie. In case your wondering why am I using an image of burnt pie instead of one of Rey from Star Wars killing off Slappy the dummy from Goosebumps 2, there isn’t a picture of that so I have to use something silly instead. So without further ado, Here are the worst movies of 2018. Warning! This list contains movies I never saw that I’m going to put in this list anyway because I’m sick of their existence. On a side note, I’m not making a list with merely okay movies like First Man or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or The Nutcracker and the Four Realms or Heck, Pitch Perfect 3 (Doesn’t count since that is a 2017 film despite seeing it in 2018!) or overrated ones like A Star is Born (Which I couldn’t finish) or Bad Times at the El Royale.

A Wrinkle in Time: Yeah Sure! Oz the Great and Powerful remains the worst Disney movie ever made (All due respect to Tomorrowland.) but this is just nearly as bad. Like Oz the Great and Powerful and Tomorrowland, I walked into the theater thinking it was gonna be good but it just wasn’t. Like Tomorrowland, the movie plays more like a loose sequel to Oz the Great and Powerful and less like I dunno… Star Wars: The Last Jedi or Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle? The reason I said that is because not only did I thought it was gonna be like Doctor Strange where the effects are cool but the movie is still great but it was not like that. Instead the movie is like a Michael Bay movie without explosions. In fact, I hated the movie so much that it made me barley write any reviews on this blog anymore. I came into this movie with high expectations only to be extremely disappointed in it. This is without a doubt the most disappointing movie I seen all year. On the other hand, I came into Nutcracker and the Four Realms with low expectations only to find it to be merely okay. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna write a 2,000 word essay on why The It should have revealed it’s true form instead of possessing Charles Wallace so that Rey from Star Wars can come out of nowhere and murder it. 1/10 and an F

Show Dogs: Dear Raja Gosnell, please stop making movies. In fact, Dear Hollywood, please stop making talking dog movies that aren’t animated! Never saw it but put it on there because I don’t like the fact that it exists

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies: Teen Titans Go sucks! Next! Never saw it but put it on there because I don’t like the fact that it exists.

The Spy Who Dumped Me: This movie is both a waste for talented and funny actors and a waste of film. Next time, when your making a funny spy movie, make Spy 2 please! Never saw it but put it on there because I don’t like the fact that it exists.

Slender Man: This movie has “Why?!” Written all over it! It just so happens to suffer Angry Birds syndrome where a movie comes out after the IP’s popularity and the movie turns out awful. Never saw it but put it on there because I don’t like the fact that it exists

The Happytime Murders: Three cheers for comedies that went through troubled production! Hip hip why?! Melissa McCarthy is a really funny actress and I really think that she should have done Spy 2 instead. Never saw it but put it on there because I don’t like the fact that it exists.

A.X.L.: This is the second movie on this list that I actually saw. It is a really stupid How to Train Your Dragon rip off. Boy encounters dangerous creature, makes friends with it, falls in love with girl, shows girl creature, girl hates it at first, girl and guy have fun with creature, bullies threaten creature, boy and girl rescue creature and so on. It’s the same song and dance as that Dreamworks masterpiece (Which I’m glad is getting one more movie In February). And it doesn’t help that Global Road is getting bankrupt. 3/10 and a D

The Predator: You just can’t say “Hip hip Hooray!” To this movie! You can’t! The best thing to say is “Hip Hip Why?!” Like Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genysis (Both of Which got stomped on by far superior films like Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and Up, and Jurassic World, Inside Out and Ant-Man financially respectively) this movie is a box Office/critical failure. Except this movie didn’t have a far superior brand IP film or sequel to deal with. As someone who loved Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, I think this is a joke. Never saw it but put it on there because I don’t like the fact that it exists.

Venom: If you think Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 were bad, this is worse. I mean the people on the Internet like this better than Star Wars: The Last Jedi?! Seriously?! Come on people! This movie is garbage! It lacks Spider-Man! A Spider-Man movie without Spider-Man is always bad news. On the other hand, I’m glad it made over $800 million globally on principle. Never saw it but put it on there because I don’t like the fact that it exists.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween: Like last year’s Daddy’s Home 2, This movie suffers Ride Along syndrome where a movie is surprisingly good only to get a shockingly terrible sequel. Except Goosebumps 2 isn’t PG-13. It is also my contender for Worst movie of the Year (If I saw Venom I would have thinked twice) Unless Aquaman is worse than Suicide Squad. This is less Ralph Breaks the Internet (Which I’m putting on a list that I’m saving for the tail end of the month) and more Bigger Fatter Liar (Yes that sequel to that underrated Shawn Levy gem exists!). Apparently it’s so bad that the original kids or teens from the original didn’t return, Jack Black was barley in it, and Slappy sounded an awful a lot like… Justin Bieber doing a bad impersonation of Thanos at a party. That’s how bad the movie was. This movie isn’t giving the fans what they wanted. No! This is called trolling them! Goosebumps is dead. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to write a 1,000 word essay on why Slappy should have got broken into 1,000 pieces and why R.L. Stine could have done it to him. 1/10 and an F

Can Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’s surprisingly awesome reviews translate to box office success? (A movie news post)

The reviews for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse are in and they are amazing (No pun intended). As of this writing, the film has a stunning 100% fresh. With many critics are saying it’s the best Spider-Man film ever made with Homecoming coming a close second. If the audiences say the movie is basically Big Hero 6 but with Spider-Man, then maybe the movie can be a surprise hit like Venom. That poorly reviewed movie earned over $800 million globally from a record $80 million debut. With Into the Spider-Verse being a much better movie, maybe it’ll flirt with numbers closer to The Incredibles than Teen Titans Go! To the Movies while Mary Poppins Returns grabs everybody into multiplexes not just for nostalgia purposes but also because of it looking great. If Into the Spider-Verse opens to Big Hero 6-ish numbers and makes a Homecoming-ish domestic total, then we will likely get movies about the characters that are in the movie. Spider-Gwen and Spider-Ham and Spider-Noir would be ones I’d like to see. Maybe I might have to see this once it hits theaters in two weeks even if I want to see Mary Poppins Returns more. If Aquaman turns out like more like Wonder Woman and less like Suicide Squad and Bumblebee becomes another Power Rangers, then this oughta be a merry Christmas and a game changer.

Wednesday Box Office: Ralph rakes in $18 million opening day

For years, people thought Pixar was nothing but a sequel machine until Pixar decided that they might not do anymore sequels after next year’s Toy Story 4 (The person who wanted Inside Out 2 is crying right now). They also thought Dreamworks was making Franchises out of every movie they make but that rumor was just a rumor. Disney Animation Studios never had a critically acclaimed well received hit sequel in… ever until now. Ralph Breaks the Internet just earned a record breaking $18 million yesterday which is far better than the $13 million I predicted. Now if all things go well it’ll earn $68 million or more in three days and $98 million or more in five days. I’m pretty sure the rave reviews, the A- score (I expected an A like the original but it’s better than nothing. Then again, movies like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Ant-Man and the Wasp earned an A- as well and those films felt like an A also) and the fact that it’s freaking awesome (It’s Disney’s first really awesome sequel that isn’t Pixar in… ever and I really hate to say this but I’m gonna have to be not so obvious by flinging Ant-Man and the Wasp out of the top five just to make it four superhero films and an oddball) might push the five day total to $100 million. We’ll see how the film does tonight and tomorrow before I say that I was right the whole time about it being a breakout sequel. I’m pretty sure with most people already having seen The Grinch, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald being a franchise killer and Instant Family not being the next Wonder, we may be looking at a thanksgiving number of more than $12 million, a monster Black Friday number of more than $27 million and a $70 million+ three day debut along with a new record holder for biggest thanksgiving gross. Come back on Saturday for the Friday box office results after or during my time at Universal Studios to see how massive the Friday number is.

Speaking of overperforming sequels that are good, Creed 2 also beat expectations earning a solid $11 million. It’s reviews and A score suggest a three day opening above the $42 million thanksgiving gross of the original Creed and a five day opening of $60 million+. That’s a new record for a live action thanksgiving release.

The Grinch grew 9% from yesterday to $7 million. It’s total grew to $145 million and will likely earn $31 million/$47 million and will remain on pace to $200 million.

On the other hand, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald isn’t getting anywhere near $200 million. Not after falling from first to fourth or seeing a Tuesday to Wednesday drop off. It still remained flat from yesterday but that’s the only good news. With Ralph Breaks the Internet shaping up to be a monster, Creed 2 beating expectations and The Grinch holding on, this movie has gone straight to heck in terms of moviegoing options. Sigh. If only the movie earned better reviews and audience reception. Alas.

Robin Hood opened in fifth place with $3 million and will likely earn $11 million/$21 million. It’s reviews are lousy and it’s B score isn’t going to help either. This one’s a goner by the time Mary Poppins Returns to theaters.